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The year in charts

The factions for fractional rule

Mind the budget gap

Lobbying on new terms

The quest for the Toriest place in Toronto

Council begins with pomp, circumstance, and vastly expanded mayoral powers

Intersection Inspection and the case of the dangerous right turn lane

Two hundred issues, more lobbyists

An election, in charts: part II

An election, in charts

Spirit of the west

A Gehry in every ward

Lobbying all the way to the ballot box

Enter the Endorsement Matrix

Unfinished business at City Hall

The one who knocks

To serve and to lobby

The 2022 Council Power Rankings

Dr. No vs. the Invisible Man

Intersection Inspection goes Danforth

Final scores

Home cooked lobbying

Mayor used VETO! It's not very effective...

Council's catastrophic conclusion

Advanced stats for the Norway Maple Leafs

The lobbying landscape

A conflagration of consultants

Penultimate warriors

Game Preview: Blue Jays versus ActiveTO

Lobbying out of left field

A trip to the Beach

Retiring numbers at Toronto City Hall

Security in parks 👍, drinking in parks 👎

Make like a tree debate, and get out of here

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Election preparation

Toronto's 20 most dangerous streets

Fast food tax breaks

Lobbyists get smart

Electric city

Election expectations

Spring break scoring

Lobbying in the deep end

Crisis on finite earths

How much tax could a car tax tax?

Budget before and after

The lobbyist robot uprising

Out in the cold

Public safety without bullets

The iceberg cometh

A good walk spoiled

O City Tree, O City Tree